Rest – part 1

My church is preparing for our 2nd annual women’s conference / retreat and the theme is rest. I’ve known for about a month that I would absolutely not be able to go because it’s about 48 hours after I get home from my next knee surgery. I’ve suspected I’d miss it since last May when […]

The least bad thing

Full disclosure: I don’t want to write this. (2020 update: I shouldn’t have.) the backstory On August 27 2018 I had a partial knee replacement on my right knee. It wasn’t my first knee surgery and I had used the months prior to make sure I was well prepared. I had meals in the freezer, my […]


If I don’t do this now… I never will. Honestly, returning to writing after a 3 year gap is weird. I can’t ignore the gap. I can’t write a single post and play catch up. But what exactly can I do? It’s like that silly “hello world” post that new word press sites come preloaded […]