waiting is hard

Waiting is hard. A lifetime ago, I was a writer. For a season, writing was replaced with waiting. I was a writer; I am a writer.

I’ve waited a lot

I’ve waited for my son to finally master fractions, for doctor appointments, at the bedside of a loved one, and for life to return to normal. Honestly, waiting was hard.

Waiting for God

I’ve tried to wait with expectancy and hope, but sometimes I’ve waited with impatience. Either way, it took all I had. There was waiting for answered prayers, for redemption, for healing. Mostly, I waited for the world to make sense.

The wait is almost over

Don’t get me wrong. I know I will always be waiting for something. Because, if nothing else, I will wait for the Amazon delivery to arrive. More accurately, I will continue to wait on God. He leads, I follow.

For my long-neglected blog, the wait is almost over. I cleaned up a few thousand spam comments stuck in the “please moderate” queue. Next, I updated the software. And, most importantly, I’m writing again. As I post this, I already have several dozen posts in the final edit stage and almost that many more in process. It is beyond exciting on this side of the keyboard!

I waited; it was worth it

The wait isn’t quite over. Before I’m free to return completely to the writing life, I have a few more things on my checklist.

By susan.baker

Hi, my name is Susan and I’m a grateful believer in Jesus Christ. The only reason my life isn’t a mess is because of Him. I started blogging over a decade ago. In 2012, after about ten minutes of brand research, I launched Looking back, I should have picked a better name. I have always been a writer. But, for a season, waiting replaced writing. I was a writer; I am a writer. God was with me in that pause. That was then; this is now.