about me now

My name is Susan and I am a writer.

I started to call this “an all-new ‘about me’ page about an all-new me.” That would have been ridiculous. My philosophy loving son insists on studying absurdism, and apparently it’s contagious. “About Me” pages are absurd enough on their own. They’re just so awkward. If I could sum up all the best bits of knowing me into 500 words, I wouldn’t exactly need a blog. By way of an introduction, I’ll try and share the highlights.

collage photo of my life

I love a lot of things that start with “C”

Coffee. Chocolate. Cheese. Chips. Crackers. Creamy Ranch. Cats. Crochet. Cash. Courage. Curiosity. Cinnamon Rolls. Crunchy Tacos. Chopin. Comedy. 

I also love things that don’t start with “C”

My husband. My sons. Extended Family. Enchiladas. Guacamole. Kittens. Yarn. Wool socks. Kindness. World History. Pratchett. Van Gogh. Puns. Bad Poetry. Satire. Meme Wars. Good Friends. Laughter. Lists.

I love God, Jesus, and the Bible.

It’s a holdover from my Sunday School days, but it still makes me chuckle. After she read the lesson, our teacher would ask us some basic who/what/where questions. There was always that one kid who raised his hand and bounced up and down in his seat, saying “oo…oo… Miss… I know… is it… God? Jesus? The Bible?”  The only times he was wrong were when it was obviously Noah or one of the disciples.

As an adult, I’m amazed at how often the difficult questions in my life are answered when I turn to God, Jesus, and the Bible. When I stop walking with Jesus, my life quickly becomes an unmanageable mess. When I live in submission to how God calls me to live, life makes sense and it doesn’t come unraveled. Yes, hard things still happen, they just aren’t as overwhelmingly messy when I walk with Jesus. 

I (finally) love my life again.

We live in a suburb of Houston, Texas in a home with big trees and a giant back porch. I love mountains and oceans, but Texas has always been home. Our family consists of my husband, our two teenage sons, three cats, and me. I’m a proud survivor of the “two under two” club.

I’ve been a stay at home mom since my oldest turned three. Before that, I worked in high tech as a project manager for ten years. In random order, the most interesting bits before that include traveling to Greece and England, earning a Master’s degree, singing to cows and fish, sailing to Key West, getting lost in several states, the Tasmanian devil, meeting my husband, and learning all the ways to cook rice and beans.

For the past six years, I’ve been blessed to homeschool both sons. Mistakes have been made, tears have been shed, fractions happened, and I’d still do it all again. I am savoring these high school years as I watch both sons grow into men.

After an extended hiatus, I returned to writing in 2020.